First Release in Maven Central

Hooray! A minor victory.

Yesterday I managed to work through all the necessary steps to have NanoVC published on Maven Central.

This means that you will be able to get NanoVC by using the following group and artifact ID’s. Although this current release (0.0.1) has nothing of interest in it, besides the URL to this website, from here I will be able to start publishing the library that I have been working on for years.

NanoVC available from Maven Central

With kind permission from directors Jake and Tom at Synthesis, I am very happy that they are supportive of this initiative. Although I have been developing the library for use on one of our products at Synthesis, I feel that the idea will be far more valuable out in the world.

Tom gave me a cool quote for NanoVC that I think we can start using in more places… More like a question…

Is it like a data structure I can use for anything that I want to version?

The answer is a resounding “YES!”

For anyone that is interested in the journey of getting something published on Maven Central, feel free to have a look on the dependency diagram.

The process for publishing to Maven Central

From here on, I will be porting across the API and then the in-memory implementation for Java first. This will allow me to start getting initial feedback from people. After that, I would like to flesh out the possible work streams (and supported languages) that I imagine on the dependency diagram and the interest from the community can guide where I go from there. If any people would like to get involved in those initiatives, it would really be exciting and appreciated.

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